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    I have been analyzing wireless communications for 31 years. I am president of Wireless Internet & Mobile Computing, a pioneering consulting firm that helps create new and enhance existing wireless data businesses in the United States and abroad.

    I write a weekly column for about the wireless and wired Internet as well as writing a mobile blog and producing videos.

    Previously, I created the world's first wireless data newsletter, wireless data conference, cellular conference and FM radio subcarrier newsletter. I was instrumental in creating and developing the world's first cellular magazine.

    I also helped create and run the first association in the U.S. for the paging and mobile telephone industries.

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I'm Alan A. Reiter. I've been analyzing wireless communications, focusing on leading-edge products and technologies, since 1978.

I'm president of Wireless Internet & Mobile Computing, a consulting firm in the Washington, D.C. suburb of Chevy Chase, Md.

I established Wireless Internet & Mobile Computing in 1996 to help develop and enhance wireless data businesses around the world.

The consulting firms analyzes such subjects as wireless e-mail and instant messaging, wireless access to corporate data, wireless information services, wireless financial services, wireless e-commerce, wireless entertainment (ring tones, music, games), wireless portals, wireless advertising, wireless LANs and, of course, camera phones and mobile TV.

We examine new wireless devices, including cellular phones and pagers, wireless-enabled PDAs and radio modems.

Wireless Internet & Mobile Computing provides strategic analysis, white papers, marketing materials (hard copy and Web) and, in general, helps companies create new wireless data businesses or improve their existing operations.

We also provide advice on the latest innovative technologies -- weblog, moblogs, video logs, podcasts -- for promoting the products, services and technologies of wireless companies

We work around the world.

I created/helped create the world's first: Wireless data conference, wireless data newsletter ("Mobile Data Report"), cellular conference and cellular magazine ("Cellular Business," now called "Wireless Review").

Many years ago I created the first FM radio subcarrier newsletter ("Subcarrier Communications"). FM radio subcarrier is the technology used by Microsoft for its DirectBand nationwide data broadcasting network for SPOT watches.

I also helped create and develop the first U.S. trade association for paging and mobile phones, Telocator Network of America. That association is now called the PCIA, the Personal Communications Industry Association.

You may contact me at:

Phone: 1-301-634-1586