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Sunday, April 20, 2008


andy carvin

Thanks for the kind words about our presentation! It's too bad the stream crashed after about 20 minutes. I probably should've told the folks holding the phone what the warning signs are and how to deal with it. At least we managed to capture the feel for the session. I also think a couple of folks videotaped the whole thing; I'll see if I can track them down.

Also, just a couple of minor corrections. The stream wasn't done through wifi; it was actually over the phone's data plan, which uses AT&T's 3G network. And I haven't ordered more phones yet - that's just wishful thinking on my part. I'm still making the rounds and demoing the n95, and I hope that translates into us acquiring a few more phones for reporters to use, but that hasn't happened yet. Fingers crossed. :-)

Alan A. Reiter

Hi Bhaskar,

Even though I have a good idea about how this new-fangled Internet works, I'm still amazed how quickly some people are able to find out when something is written about themselves or their company! (Not that I have have established my own keyword alerts or anything of the sort .)

I think one of the reasons -- perhaps the main reason -- why Andy decided to stop the Qik streaming was because of battery life (or lack thereof). I'd like to see Nokia promote an extended-life battery for the N95 (and other video-centric camera phones). I'd also like them to offer an adapter for an external microphone (omnidirectional and directional) -- and have mentioned it to them.

Good idea about using a tripod. Courtesy of Nokia, I have one, although I didn't bring it and I was near the back of the room, anyway. The tripod certainly can be very useful.

But the presentation room was very crowded and the Nokia tripod, if available, probably would have had to be placed on a stack of books, for example.

And then there's the problem of panning around the N95 to capture a person asking a question. I guess it could have been done, but perhaps not during a spur-of-the-moment shooting with a volunteer being asked to hold the handset.

Bhaskar @ Qik

What a great presentation!

By the way, for long duration streaming - would suggest getting a tripod. I got one recently from eBay for $20. Just search for N95 tripod on eBay to find it.

Alan A. Reiter

Hi Jim,

Ah -- the wonders of the Internet and being able to quickly find an article that mentions oneself!

Thanks for clarification about being "just" a cameraman.

You and Andy did a great job.

Jim  Long

i'm glad you enjoyed our presentation! Andy is a very smart guy and made the job easy for me.

AS for my title, it's just "cameraman" for NBC News.

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