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The five megapixel Nokia N95 is my favorite do-everything cellular phone....until something better comes along!

If the N95 had a keyboard at least as good as Research in Motion's BlackBerry 8700 or 8300 and featured its push e-mail, it could be the only device I carry. But until that ever occurs, the BlackBerry (currently the 8300 "Curve") will be the one device I always take, and a multimeda-rich phone, such as the N95, will be the second phone I take.

I usually take two phones when I'm out, and sometimes more when I'm specifically testing them. If I'm not testing a specific phone, I'll generally take the 8300 and the N95 or, if I want to watch mobile television, I'll typically take a Sprint handset (until Verizon's V CAST Mobile TV arrives in my area).

The photo quality of the N95 can be excellent, although as with all camera phones you've got to be very careful about the lighting and focus. The N95 has a digital -- not optical -- zoom, so the N93's 3x optical zoom makes it a worthy competitor.

The N95, like the N93, can produce videos at 30 frames per second with quality that ranges from okay to excellent. Again, shooting conditions make a big difference.

The N95 has a great music player and the device's large PDA-like screen make it excellent for viewing videos.

Both the N95 and N93 have WiFi. Once you've used WiFi in a cellular phone, you might not want to use a phone without it. The N95 also has GPS.

As with all my other moblogs, the images here aren't edited in any way, unless it's specifically mentioned. I transfer the photos from the N95's memory card to my computer and then upload it them to TypePad.