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The Nokia N93 is one of the best camera phones I've tested.

Its 3.2 megapixel camera produces excellent photos for a camera phone. Indeed, some of the photos are as good as a digital camera -- but you've got to be careful about the lighting, focus, etc.

The N93 also has a 3x optical zoom compared to the generally useless digital zoom. I've love zoom lenses and they make a big difference to me to get the photos I want.

The N93 also shoots videos at 30 frames per second. Nokia says this is "DVD-like" quality. For me, the quality seems to range from okay to very good. There are no videos here because these albums don't support video, unfortunately.

As with all my moblogs, the images here are exactly as I shot them. No editing of any kind, except if it's specifically mentioned.

The photos are transferred from the handset's memory card to my computer where it is uploaded to TypePad.