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I am not too impressed with the quality of the photos from the two megapixel camera. The colors don't seem vibrant and too often parts of the image isn't sharp.

But perhaps I am spoiled by the quality of the photos from the 3.2 megapixel Nokia 93 and the five megapixel Nokia 95.

All the photos in this moblog are taken at the highest resolution (1600 x 1200) and the best quality (Superfine). I didn't do any image editing and the photos are all taken in the automatic mode, unless otherwise noted.

They have been transferred to my computer from the 8300's microSD card and uploaded to TypePad. I did not transmit them directly from my handset.

I'll certainly be taking many more photos. I just received the handset at the beginning of May and it's not supposed to be available in the United States until some time later in May.

The device itself has some very nice features and, without a doubt, will be my BlackBerry of choice. I'm writing much more in my camera phone weblog, www.CameraPhoneReport.com, such as here (http://www.cameraphonereport.com/2007/05/my_first_blackb.html).